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Jump in the bucket of Ben Mason’s time-travelling-tricycle, as he rides you around the streets of his childhood with his new album, Kanandah.

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Ben Mason’s new album, Kanandah is out digitally on June 5 and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp.

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Kanandah, an aboriginal word meaning “the land where the sun sets”, is also the name of the street Ben grew up in in the outer Melbourne suburb of Research.

Ben tells stories of his childhood in leafy Research – climbing through a hole that his father cut in their back fence to play in the farmland behind their property, riding down their street on the back of his neighbour’s family bus, making and losing friends, running away from home, and walking in on his parents’ private bedroom activities. Kanandah is at times playful and hopeful, and at other times dark and despairing – just like most childhoods. Ben captures how things that seem trivial to adults can have long lasting influence on children. 

Kanandah was recorded and produced by Ben and James Cecil (Totally Mild, The Orbweavers) between Ben’s home studio G13 and James’ Macedon studio Super Melody World. The use of vintage drum machine beats, recorders and acoustic guitars help transport the listener back to the early 80s, where these stories take place. Most instruments on the album were played by Ben, with additional input from bandmates Lewis Coleman (The Cactus Channel), Kelly Day (Broads), and Nick Murphy (not Chet Faker). Also some notable piano playing from Darian Sahanaja (Brian Wilson Band) and bass guitar from Dave Depper (Death Cab For Cutie) on the song Gerry Built.

This is Ben’s fourth album. Ben’s first release, The Odessey Odyssey, is a note-for-note re-recording of the Zombies’ classic album, Odessey and Oracle. This project caught the attention of Darian Sahanaja, who had been plucked from Brian Wilson’s band to play with the reformed Zombies on their 40th anniversary tour of the album. 

Ben’s second album, Holes and Corners was a collection of breakup songs, recorded over a number of years in his home studio. 

His third album, She’d Need a Heart tells the story of a scarecrow that Ben built to guard his veggie patch. In the album, Ben imagines the scarecrow coming to life and expressing her unrequited love for him.

Kanandah is handful of musical short stories from a pretty normal childhood, told on a backdrop of lush melodies and haunting production.

Stream Kanandah here 

Download Kanandah here 

Kanandah Tracklist:01. The Hole in the Back Fence02. Sticks03. Like at First Sight04. That Night05. T Bus06. Gerry Built07. The Land Where the Sun Sets08. Always Alone
Contact Ben:e. benpaulmason@gmail.comm. 0414 372 909w.