i am a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.

I wrote my first song at the age of 8 with my best friend Amber. The song was called ‘It’s a Waste of Time’. I can still play it… E-G-D-A. “I ain’t got time for fooling around / I ain’t got time for you”. A complex chord progression and a complex theme. Not much has changed.

I always have a number of unfinished songs kicking around. Waiting for the right story to match the melody. Waiting for the right project. I like to write to a theme.

My first album, Holes and Corners, was a collection of breakup songs that I had recorded at home over a number of years. My next album, She’d Need a Heart, told the story of Esmerelda, the scarecrow I made to guard my veggie patch and subsequently neglected as much as the miniature corn field in which she dwelled.

My new album Kanandah is made up from stories of my childhood. Kanandah is an aboriginal word meaning, “The land where the sun sets” and is the name of the street I grew up in. Our house was at the furthest end in the furthest suburb in Melbourne, called Research. Behind our back fence was farmland. My father had cut a hole in the back fence so my brothers and I could climb through and play in the paddocks. I remember seeing a cow with its head through that hole, eating the grass in our backyard. I always thought the grass was greener out there.

My childhood wasn’t remarkable. I think when you’re a kid it’s hard to imagine the wider world and your small part in it. But the experiences we have in our childhoods shape the grown ups we become. I wanted to share some of those stories.